All ongoing classes incorporate healthy and strong body alignment and principles of form in movement and stillness, relaxation, and energy cultivation. We work with each student individually according to their needs to help them gain the most benefit from their practice. Beginning with the development and practice of basic skills, we ultimately move on to more complex and advanced forms and techniques. More advanced students may move on to Tui Shou (Push Hands), and weapons forms and practice.

Yang Style Tai Chi & qigongYang Style Taijiquan & Qigong

The traditional Yang 108 form is the foundation of this class. In addition to learning the traditional Yang form, in this class we will practice longevity exercises, silk reeling, QiGong, applications, and push hands. You can join this class at any time. No experience necessary. To register for this class, visit the class in person, or go to our registration page and pay via paypal.

Location: West Seattle, Burien

Chen Taijiquan & QigongChen Style Taijiquan & Qigong

In this class we will study the Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame Part 1) of the Chen Family Tai Chi tradition, including Silk Reeling, Longevity Exercises, and form practice and refinement, progressing toward applications and push hands and other open hand forms of the Chen family tradition. You can join at anytime, beginners are welcome.

Locations: Burien, Capitol Hill, Central

Qigong health of body mind & spirit(sm)Qigong – Health of Body, Mind & Spirit

Work on basic alignment and proper structure, relaxation and coordination of movement and breath. Begin with a full body joint lubricating longevity exercise set followed by form practice. Relieve stress and have fun, while gaining strength, balance and flexibility. Improve your health, increase your energy, and speed your recovery from illness. Qigong’s stretching and strengthening movements activate ‘qi’ in your body, stimulate your immune system, strengthen your internal organs, and rejuvenate your soul.

Locations: Burien, Capitol Hill, Central, West Seattle

beginning Chen Taijiquan & QigongBeginning Chen Tai Chi & Qigong

Relieve stress and have fun, while gaining strength, balance and flexibility. In this class we will practice Joint Lubrication Qigong, Silk Reeling, and the Chen 18 Essential Forms. Improve balance and flexibility, reduce stress and joint discomfort, develop strength and focus. A new session of Intro to Tai Chi – Fundamentals for Beginners begins Jan. 17, 2018 at Wise Orchid’s Studio in Central District/Capitol Hill. Link here to register and reserve your spot now.

Location: Burien, Central, Capitol Hill

Beginners & Seniors Yang Tai Chi & QigongBeginners and Seniors Yang Tai Chi and Qigong

This ancient martial art is practiced daily by millions world-wide to improve balance, strength, flexibility, and promote overall health. Through structural improvement, relaxation, and flow, learn to exercise the entire body inside and out, harmonizing mind, body, and spirit. New sessions of Tai Chi for Seniors begins Jan. 15, 2018 at Wise Orchid Studio. Register now to reserve your spot.

Locations: Burien, West Seattle, Capitol Hill, Central District

Advanced Chen TaijiquanAdvanced Chen Taijiquan

For ongoing Chen Taiji students who are interested in more advanced curriculum including:
Laojia Yilu (old frame part 1),
Laojia Erlu (old frame part 2),
Xinjia Yilu (new frame part 1),
Xinjia Erlu (new frame part 2),
Dan Dao (single saber/broadsword),
Shuang Dao (double broadsword),
Dan Jian (single straightsword),
Shuang Jian (double straightsword),
Tui Shou (push hands), and long weapons.

Location: Capitol Hill/Central

Spiral QigongSpecial Sessions: Spiral Qigong

This class focuses on the practice of the form of Qigong called the Ba Fa Pan Gen. The Ba Fa Pan Gen (Eight Methods to Firm your Roots) Qigong comes from the internal Chinese martial art of Xing Yi (shing ee), and is designed to spiral, cleanse, and heal the body. The twisting movements of this Qigong stimulate the energetic pathways in your body (meridians) and massage your internal organs while developing a more stable foundation, improving the strength and structure of your legs.

The 8 movements of the Ba Fa Pan Gen – inspired by the spirit and natural movements of animals – spiral and expand the body in 8 directions, harmonizing inside and out. As you practice, you will strengthen and unify your legs and core, develop internal power and heal and cleanse your body of stale energy and toxins… and it’s a fun and dynamic practice that will reduce stress and leave you feeling energized. No previous experience necessary. Everyone welcome.

Winter Session 2018, Saturdays at 9am, join us for Spiral Qigong at Wise Orchid’s Studio

Special/Custom Tai Chi Qigong Sessions

For additional information about the following classes, please send a request via email.

Relaxation – On the Go!

Hire us to bring a custom Tai Chi or Qigong class to your retreat, wedding morning Chill Session, family reunion, conference, or any gathering where connecting and relaxing could help contribute to its success. We come to you, travel expenses may be included depending upon distance and travel time.

Private Lessons, groups or individuals

Private lessons are available for individuals or groups in Yang and Chen Family Taijiquan as well as QiGong. Please contact Sifu Viola to schedule.

Corporate Tai Chi 0r Qigong

Bring Focus & Efficiency to your workplace by cultivating strong bodies and clear minds. Morning or Lunch time sessions available to bring more energy, clear minds, and productivity, cultivating better teams through common practice and presence.