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This is where you’ll find links and information on books, videos, movies and other resources for further study and fun. Click on the link or the image to purchase and/or find out more information from Amazon.


Yang Tai Chi Chuan

Chen Tai Chi Chuan


Wing Chun

Chinese Culture and Daoism


Movies and Video


Yang Tai Chi

Handbook of T’Ai Chi Ch’Uan Exercises, by Fuxing Zhang, I recommend this book for my beginners and Seniors, a good introductory reference for the Yang Style Taiji 24 form

Tai Chi Touchstones: Yang Family Secret Transmissions

Taijiquan: The Art of Nurturing, The Science of Power

Tai Chi Chuan: 24 & 48 Postures with Martial Applications 

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Chen Tai Chi Chuan

Chen Style Taijiquan: The Source of Taiji Boxing
A great book for all Chen Style practitioners to have a sense of the history and system. This is the first by David Gaffney and Davidine Sim. Now a second edition.

The Essence of Taijiquan
The second in this series gives a more recent look into the history of this art and more details into training and curriculum. by David Gaffney and Davidine Sim

Chen Taijiquan: Masters and Methods
The Third book by David Gaffney and Davidine Sim, gives the training methods through the words of the remaining living grandmasters of the art, including my teacher, Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei (see Chapter 5).

And lastly, the invaluable Chen’s TaiChi Old Frame One & Two, by my teacher, Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei outlays the movements and requirements of the entire Old Frame Tai Chi forms 1 and 2. This is my go to reference and required reading by all students endeavoring to learn Chen Style Taijiquan.

Qigong Books/Videos

Eight Simple Qigong Exercises for Health: The Eight Pieces of Brocade

The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing

The Healing Promise of Qi: Creating Extraordinary Wellness Through Qigong and Tai Chi

The Way of Energy: Mastering the Chinese Art of Internal Strength with Chi Kung Exercise (A Gaia Original)

For Spiral Qigong practice, I recommend the use of this ball:

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Wing Chun Books

The Wing Chun Compendium, Volume One

The Wing Chun Compendium, Volume Two

Complete Wing Chun: The Definitive Guide to Wing Chun’s History and Traditions (Complete Martial Arts)

Wing Chun Kung-Fu

Books on Chinese Culture and Daoism

Cheng Tzu’s Thirteen Treatises on T’ai Chi Ch’uan

The Essential Chuang Tzu

The Essential Tao : An Initiation into the Heart of Taoism Through the Authentic Tao Te Ching and the Inner Teachings of Chuang-Tzu

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Do you like the music you hear in class?  Do you want some music for meditation or home practice? Below is a selection of my favorites. Enjoy!

My favorite Tai Chi and Qigong music Zhan-Zhuang Gong Music by Various Artists (2000)


Sleeping Lotus by Li Xiangting

Best of Kitaro

The Joy Luck Club: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Movies – DVD’s:

Enjoy and check back as I post more:

If you are attending my Qigong class at SSCC here a link where you can buy the Yin Yang Medical Qigong DVD

I just love a good Kung Fu movie.  Here are some of my favorites.  If you want a deeper appreciation of the art you are practicing you should watch all of these.  I can see them countless times and never tire of them.

Tai Chi Master

Iron Monkey

Ip Man

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Drunken Master

Enter the Dragon


Ong-Bak – The Thai Warrior

Shaolin Soccer

Kung Fu Hustle (Axe-Kickin’ Edition)

Red Cliff International Version – Part I & Part II

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