Fall 2020 Newsletter

And then it was Fall…

Hi there Everyone! 

Hard to believe we’ve been enduring the pandemic (and then some) for so many months. I miss being together in-person of course, but I am also grateful to be able to see you online and share good practice in spite of us not being together. 

Below you will find:
– the schedule for fall, 
– Info on scheduling private lessons now available at the studio, as well as online or at the park,
– Also, one of our own, Leo, has a son in So. Oregon who lost his home to the Alameda Fire. Look below for more info and a link to a GoFundMe where you can offer support.
– A few workshops and a fundraiser to deepen your Tai Chi weapons practice and refresh your 5 animals!
– And, lastly, in spite of us not being above to meet for classes in person, the studio endures. I welcome you to donate to help maintain our rent.
Fall Schedule of Classes
Private Lessons!

In order to deepen your practice, sometimes it’s helpful to have personal instruction to find ways to improve. I am now offering private lessons in person at the studio or outside following safety guidelines as well as online via Zoom. I’ve set up a calendar where you can find a time and book a lesson based on what’s available. Check it out here:

book a lesson here!
 One of our own, Leo, has a son from Southern Oregon who lost his home to the Alameda fire that rampaged whole neighborhoods near Ashland. Some have asked how they can help. Here’s a link to the GoFundMe that was created to help.
This fall, we’ll be hosting a Tai Chi weapon/implement intensive each month on Saturday afternoons in Pratt Park.October 24th, from 1:30pm to 3pm, Double Broadswords, come to review what we’ve trained so far and work the next section.November 21st, from 1:30pm to 3pm, Plum Blossom Spear White Ape Staff will be reviewed and refined, and thenDecember 12th, from 1pm to 2:30pm we’ll train the Chen Single Straight Sword. If you would like to attend these sessions, please register with Sifu Viola by email indicating your preference of in-person or online.
“Climate Change is no longer some far off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now.” – Barack Obama

With the devastation of the fires throughout the western states, I would like to offer a special workshop to support the efforts to combat climate change. On Saturday, Oct. 17th, 1:30pm to 3pm, you are invited to share a Special  5 Animal Frolics workshop to raise money for 350.org. Suggested donation $50.
The Spirit of the Wise Orchid Studio endures!

Reminder about Paying for tuition, support & tipping

 Our Square store is easiest if you prefer to pay by credit card. (please note that a 3.5% transaction fee is charged) Please note that there is now a tip option on our square store. This is completely voluntary and an option if you’d like to provide extra support.

Studio Support: We also have a donation option on the square store now if you are interested in making a separate contribution. The contributions help us pay for our Studio lease and the additional expenses in bringing your online content. Please let me know if you have any questions and know that no amount is too small and any amount is completely voluntary and deeply appreciated.
 Other ways to pay: You are welcome to use one of the following free apps.
Zelle: https://www.zellepay.com/
Venmo https://venmo.com/ (@Viola-Brumbaugh)
All you need is my phone 206-321-0613 or email: viola@wise-orchid.com 
The money comes directly into my account without a transaction fee on either side.

Check: feel free to mail a check to: Viola Brumbaugh, 1311 12th Ave S B201, Seattle WA 98144

And lastly, other support you can offer:
We have a Patreon account set up if you’d like to make a monthly contribution. You can choose any amount and set yourself up for auto-payment, and cancel it at any time. Become a Patron!  
Many moons ago, in another chapter of my life, I lived in Southern Oregon, very close to where the fires have wrought so much destruction.

This image is me standing atop a tree I know as Yoda.

For as long as I can remember I have gravitated toward the company of trees. Trees are excellent teachers who demonstrate much of what it takes to practice Tai Chi. These same skills can also serve you in quarantining/social distancing in the midst of a pandemic. Trees are the epitome of commitment, persistence, and patience. Flexibility and slowing down, taking your time. Putting down roots and reaching. Finding balance. Looking out to the future, I can see this covid-time as another chapter of delving into practice, at mindfulness to maintain health, mental, physical as well as spiritual, in the midst of much loss, suffering, strife, and grief.

Yet there is striving, there is beauty, and there is the long march forward … equality, balance, practice, skill. All testing our patience and persistence. 

Take good care, practice well, and persevere dear friends.

Patience, Peace & Practice, Viola