Spiral Qigong 2nd Qtr 2018


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Join Sifu Viola Brumbaugh in this special Saturday Qigong session featuring the Ba Fa Pan Gen Qigong, 8 Methods to Firm your Roots – Spiraling to Cleanse the Body.

The Ba Fa Pan Gen (Eight Methods to Firm your Roots) Qigong comes from the internal Chinese martial art of Xing Yi, and is designed to spiral, cleanse, and heal the body. The twisting movements of this Qigong stimulate the energetic pathways in your body (meridians) and massage your internal organs while developing a more stable foundation, improving the strength and structure of your legs. 

The 8 movements of the Ba Fa Pan Gen – inspired by the spirit and natural movements of animals – spiral and expand the body in 8 directions, harmonizing inside and out. As you practice, you will strengthen and unify your legs and core, develop internal power and heal and cleanse your body of stale energy and toxins… and it’s a fun and dynamic practice that will reduce stress and leave you feeling energized. No previous experience necessary. Everyone welcome. 

Running 6 Saturdays 9am-10am, Spring session 2018, May 5th to June 9th. Cost $130 or included in Unlimited Tuition. Register here to reserve your spot!