Spring News

Greetings everyone and Happy Spring!

We made it through winter! We made it through the last year! I will spare you another retrospective of our year of covid. It’s time to put that in our rearview mirror and look ahead to the positives of keeping practice going and the growth we continue to cultivate. I’m glad to be here and grateful for you showing up and sharing these arts with me.
Our last West Seattle in-person group class met in Lincoln Park on March 17th, 2020 (pictured above). Being resourceful we’ve found a way to continue to meet with the help of the internet, technology, adding lights and upgrading camera and microphones. I think I may have this figured out. See below.

Spring is the season that correlates with the element of Wood in Chinese Medicine, which corresponds to the Liver and Gallbladder. Below, you will find more info about how to support these organs as we emerge from our winter hibernation.

Below you’ll find our schedule of classes for Spring Sessions, and links to register, info on the upcoming Spiral Qigong fundraising workshop, free classes, updates about our Costa Rica Retreat in January 2022, and news about the Studio.
Our Spring Schedule:
Spring 2021 Tai Chi & Qigong Class Schedule
We have two park classes this quarter. If you plan to attend, please help us in staying safe by maintaining Covid protocols of keeping distance and wearing a mask.
During spring break, we are offering another fundraising workshop to help support organizations doing good work. Please click here for information on which organizations we are looking to support with our Spiral Qigong Fundraiser on Saturday, March 27th at 10am – 11:20am.
Our Spring Sessions kick off on April 5th.

During first week of the session we are offering a couple free classes that are open to everyone.

First, I’ll be offering a Free Intro to Tai Chi and Qigong on the First Tuesday evening, April 6th at 6pm, via Zoom. Link here to register.

Then, Burien Community Center is offering a free online class at 10:45am on Wed. April 7th to introduce the practice of the Joint Lubrication Longevity Qigong and the Yin Yang Medical Qigong. Please call the Burien Community Center at 206-988-3700 to register.
Costa Rica 2020 Tai Chi & Qigong Immersion Retreat with Sifu Viola Brumbaugh
I know many of you have missed traveling.

So have I!

We have had to postpone our Costa Rica Tai Chi & Qigong Immersion Retreat this year, however I am looking forward to returning to Pura Vida next January!

Many of you have received your first or even second shot of the Covid vaccine, and for many others, the promise of having all adults vaccinated by summer gives hope for us to be able to emerge from our homes and be able to share practice in person.

So please come and join us in Costa Rica next January for a transformational experience diving into beauty, practice, and self care.
And about Spring…

With seeds sprouting, flowers blooming, and the sun warming the earth, there is a sense of renewal and new life all around.

As winter is a time to conserve energy and reduce activity, spring is a time of regeneration, new beginnings, and a renewal of spirit.

In the Chinese Medical tradition, spring is a time for cleansing and rejuvenation for overall health and well-being. Correlating to the wood element relating to the liver and gallbladder, these two organs are good to focus on for springtime cleansing. The liver is responsible for smooth flow of Qi through the body. If the liver is functioning smoothly so too will the physical and emotional. Optimal health begins in the spring by moving your Qi. Below is the 5 Animal Frolics Tiger video that you can use to strengthen your eyes and tendons.
Link here for Video of Tiger from 5 Animal Frolics for a good Stretch and Eye Exercise
or scroll to the bottom of this post to find the video embedded of the Tiger Qigong

Stretch – The liver controls the tendons. According to Chinese medicine, the liver stores blood during periods of rest and then releases it to the tendons in times of activity, maintaining tendon health and flexibility. Which is a good reason to incorporate a morning stretch into your routine. Join us for the morning Qigong on Mondays & Wednesdays at 7:30am or the Spiral Qigong on Saturdays at 9am to activate the circulation of Qi and lubricate your joints.

Eye Exercises – The liver opens into the eyes. Although all the organs have some connection to the health of the eyes, the liver is connected to proper eye function. Remember to take breaks when looking at a computer monitor for extended periods of time and do eye exercises including your Qigong and Tai Chi.

Eat Green – Green is the color of the liver and of springtime. Eating young plants – fresh, leafy greens, sprouts, and immature cereal grasses – can improve the liver’s overall functions and aid in the movement of Qi.

Taste Sour – Foods and drinks with sour tastes stimulate the liver’s Qi. Put lemon slices in your drinking water, use vinegar and olive oil for your salad dressing. Garnish your meal with a slice of dill pickle.

Do more outdoor activities – Outside air helps liver Qi flow. Come join our Saturday practices in Pratt Park. 1pm All Levels Tai Chi practice and 2pm Double Broadswords.
A favorite salad:
-Toasted walnuts
-Topped with lemon and olive oil
Adjust proportions for your own taste.
Lastly…It is with a heavy heart that I share with you the news that our beloved studio, which has been offered for lease for at least 6 months now, has been finally been rented to a new tenant who will take over our lease as of April 1st.

After paying 12 months of rent for a space that we’ve not been able to share, I am both grateful to everyone who helped bring the light and energy to make this space Wise Orchid’s home for 5 years, and incredibly sad that these walls will no longer be a space we call home. I admit it is a relief to no longer be paying rent.

What I know is that when the time is right and we are able to resume in-person classes that we’ll find the right space for us and that it will be its own wonderful place.

I will be there on Monday the 29th in the afternoon. Please let me know if you’d like to drop by to pick up your shoes if any are still there, or contact me to make other arrangements. If you can’t make it and your shoes are there, I will keep them and make sure you can get them back.
With brighter days ahead, I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks and sharing more good practice. Take good care, stay safe, and keep breathing.
Much love and gratitude,
Patience, peace & practice,