December 2020 Newsletter

Winter 2020 Newsletter

 After being away from the studio now for 9 months I can’t even begin to express my wish to be with you all in person and sharing practice. And yet, you’ve shown up, logged onto Zoom and continued to join me. You have inspired me, helped me grow to better teach you and been incredibly patient and gracious as we all do our best in the midst of so many challenges. I promise to be here, holding the zoom door open for you to help you find your feet when everything else seems too crazy to bear. 

Bless you all for your continued support. The studio is still enduring. This practice is good medicine and helps us return to center when it seems as though everything else is falling apart.

We’ll be on break for two weeks from December 19th through January 3rd. And from there, Winter Quarter will run from January 4th through March 19th. 

Below you will find information about:
Free classes coming up during our Break,
Winter Quarter Class Schedule with links to register,
NEW Free Intro Class happening on the first Tuesday of each month, 
Tips on staying healthy this winter along with one of my favorite recipes
And, a video of the Yin Yang Medical Qigong which will be the focus of our Qigong practice on Saturdays this Winter.

Winter Break Free Classes & Fundraiser
links for more information are underlined in blue.
– Sat. 12/26, 10am, Silk Reeling, Standing & Intro to Yin Yang Medical Qigong
– Mon., 12/28, 10am, Chen Tai Chi for Everyone
– Wed., 12/30, 10am, Yang Tai Chi for Everyone
– Fri., 1/1, 10am, New Year Spiral Qigong FUNDAISER a 2020 Detox


Starting next year, we’ll be offering a FREE to all Intro to Tai Chi & Qigong class at 6pm the first Tuesday of each month. You can follow this link for more information and please feel free to share with friends and your network. 

Here is a favorite recipe I make throughout the year, but is particularly yummy in the winter.

Winter health tips & recipe
In traditional Chinese Medicine, Winter is associated with the Water element – your Kidneys and Bladder. Imbalances arising as the cold of winter sets in may manifest as:
lower back or knee pain
memory issues
menstrual pain
lowered libido
poor circulation
fearful emotions (anxiety and phobias)
urinary disorders

Good balance of the Kidneys and Bladder helps you manage stress, sleep better, and avoid the above-mentioned problems.

Here are 3 tips for Winter Wellness to support your Kidneys and Bladder:

1. Go Inward, Reflect, Take time to be still and quiet. Give yourself time each day to be still, sit or stand and go inside yourself with breath and calm. Start with a minute and increasing a little each day up to 5, 10, 20 min. (uh, sounds like Qigong, right?)

2. Keep warm. Cover up, avoid exposure. Use a hot water bottle or heating pad to warm your feet and or back before bed. This can help if you have back pain or a tendency to have cold extremities. It is important to not walk barefoot on cold floors, to avoid cold entering into the body.

3. Healthy Winter Meals. Eat warm nourishing foods, warm beverages, teas that are easier for your body to digest. Avoid cold foods and beverages which drain your energy and are harder to absorb.

 Kitchari – Curry porridge
1 onion diced
2 inches ginger chopped 
2 stalks celery chopped
2 carrots chopped
1 C red lentils, mung or adzuki (washed)
1 C basmati rice (washed)
and combination of any fresh veg:
potato, cauliflower, sweet potato, winter or summer squash, cabbage, broccoli, peppers, peas, green beans, kale, chard, whatever you like
Kombu seaweed, soaked, rinsed, and chopped (start with a couple stalks, then add more as you like)
optional golden raisins.

spice: Combine and adjust as you like
Cumin seed 1 T
mustard seed 1 T
fennel seed 1 t
ground coriander 1-2 t
turmeric  1 t
asoefodida (hing) 1/4 t (optional reduces gas)
onion seed  1/2 t (nigela)
whole clove  1/2 t
whole cardamom pod  5 or so
whole cinnamon stick 1
whole red chile 1
bay leaf 2
curry leaves  pinch
fenugreek seed  1 t

Salt & pepper to taste

Stock or bouillon of choice, can of chopped tomatoes

Begin with a large stainless steel soup pot. Warm it on med. heat, then add a couple T of high-quality oil once hot, add (whole hard seeds) cumin, mustard, and fennel seeds along with cinnamon stick, clove, and cardamom pods and chile (if using jalapeno, add fresh at end before serving). Brown for a few seconds to a min. and then add
Onion stirring with spices and cooking till translucent
add ginger, celery, carrot, and rest of spices and cook for an additional minute or two
Then add and stir into spices the lentils and rice
cover with 6-8 cups of water cover and cook for 20-40 minutes, depending on whether using light red lentils or adzukis, until rice and lentils are cooked.
Add vegetables at the appropriate time to cook completely, along with raisins if like
Season with salt and pepper to taste

If adding Cilantro, chop the whole bunch and add at the end before serving.

Serve with a dollop of yogurt and a squeeze of lemon

This pot usually feeds us for a week of dinners. I like to freeze some to have later. Enjoy with love from my table to yours.

NOTE: You can adapt to instant pot by doing spices with lentils and rice with pressure for 5-7 minutes, open add veg and pressure for another 5 min. Enjoy experimenting with this very flexible nourishing porridge. Can serve for any meal.

This time of year it is important to slow down. Do exercise that does not expend a great deal of energy.

And here is some Yin supportive practice to help you maintain your health and vitality through the winter. Join us on Saturdays at 9:30am as we practice and breakdown the Yin Yang Medical Qigong. 

Be well, stay safe, and enjoy your holidays. I look forward to sharing practice with you soon.

With much love and gratitude in
Patience, Peace & Practice,

Summer ONLINE Sessions begin 7/6

Summer session is here!
 Thank you all for sharing practice during our free sessions while on break, and also for the participating and support for our Black Lives Matter fundraising Spiral Qigong workshop last weekend. If you would like to make a contribution to BLM Seattle, follow this link.

Also, tomorrow morning begins our summer sessions! The codes and passwords for the online sessions have been sent to those I have registered, so if you didn’t receive them, please let me know. The links are no longer available on the calendar, so once you received the log in info, please save it for easy access for the rest of the quarter.

We have made a plan to teach the Wed. evening classes through SSC, also online beginning Wed., July 22nd, Yang 24 Tai Chi at 5:30 – 6:50 and Qigong from 6:30 to 7:20pm, both of which are open for registration now through SSC following these highlighted links.

More info below on our summer schedule of classes, how to register or offer support, as well as booking private lessons online, easily seeing available days and times.

I’m excited to be sharing practice with you, even if we are not together in person, I feel grateful for this connection through shared practice, building and maintaining good health and vitality.

Please stay safe and take good care.

Patience, peace & practice,
Day and Class
Qigong 7:30am
Chen Taijiquan 8:45am
Tai Chi for Seniors 10:30am
Chen Taijiquan 6pm
Yang Tai Chi 8:30am
Qigong 7:30am
Chen Taijiquan 8:45am
Burien Tai Chi & Qigong for Immunity, Wellness, Vitality 10:45am
SSC Yang 24 for Beginners 5:30pm
SSC Qigong, Health of Body, Mind & Spirit 6:30pm
Yang Tai Chi 8:30am
Tai Chi for Seniors 2pm
Chen Taijiquan 6pm
Adv. Chen Taijiquan 8:45am
Spiral Qigong 9am
Chen Taijiquan 10am
Tai Chi Weapons 1pm, at Pratt Park
 Please note that classes through South Seattle College & Burien Community Center require registration directly with them and are not included in the Wise Orchid Unlimited registration.

Reminder about Paying for tuition, support & tipping:
 Our Square store is easiest if you prefer to pay by credit card. (please note that a 3.5% transaction fee is charged) Please note that there is now a tip option on our square store. This is completely voluntary and an option if you’d like to provide extra support.

We also have a donation option on the square store now if you are interested in making a separate contribution. The contributions help us pay for our Studio lease and the additional expenses in bringing your online content. Please let me know if you have any questions and know that no amount is too small and any amount is completely voluntary and deeply appreciated.
 Other ways to pay:You are welcome to use one of the following free apps.
All you need is my phone 206-321-0613 or email: 
The money comes directly into my account without a transaction fee on either side.

Check: feel free to mail a check to: Viola Brumbaugh, 1311 12th Ave S B201, Seattle WA 98144

And lastly, other support you can offer:
We have a Patreon account set up if you’d like to make a monthly contribution. You can choose any amount and set yourself up for auto-payment, and cancel it at any time. Become a Patron!  
 Private Lessons: Now available in person (at a distance) or online!
In order to deepen your practice, sometimes you need a closer look at your practice. I am now offering private lessons in person outside following safety guidelines as well as online via Zoom. I’ve set up a calendar where you can find a time and book a lesson based on what’s available. Check it out here:book a lesson here!