Summer 2020 Newsletter

And now it’s Summer…

  Hello everyone, this is our summer newsletter where I will share with you a whole lot of information:
-First, an update about the pandemic and plans for our summer sessions,
-The end of our Spring Sessions and our two-week break ahead that includes some FREE CLASSES
-The Spiral Qigong fundraising workshop, standing in support and solidarity with Black Lives Matter
-Info on registration, payment, support & tipping
-Private lessons and how to schedule them, why they are valuable
-AND, a survey to help us make good choices going forward. Your feedback is most valuable
Join us for Summer Sessions Online!

Below is a list of the current schedule of ONLINE classes set to begin July 6th. We have our first Burien Online class continuing on Wednesdays.

And, I’m looking into collaborating with South Seattle College to continue bringing you the Wednesday evening Yang 24 and Qigong classes (not yet listed). Let me know if you are interested in these classes and I will let you know if they’ll be happening through the college or if we will be running them separately this quarter and what dates they’ll start.

NOTE: the Saturday Tai Chi Weapons class will be in person and is therefore limited to 5 participants.View playback of classes for more practice!

By the way, did you know that all our online classes are recorded and available for playback for at least 30 days after the class! You can repeat the class as many times as you like!

Here is an example of a Qigong class, enjoy!

Summer Break Free Sessions & Spiral Workshop

Everyone is welcome to these classes, so please share this info with friends who you think may be interested. Please email me to RSVP so that I know you’ll be coming and can let you in. This will help prevent zoom bombing.
Saturday, June 27th, 10am I’ll be offering a Spiral Qigong Intensive Workshop by Donation to Support Black Lives Matter-Seattle. 

I want to help fight against racial bias, systemic racism, and oppression of the Black community. If you are actively letting your voice be heard, please stay safe (follow this link for tips on how).

If you are confused by the demonstrations here in Seattle and around the world, I encourage you to stay informed regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and make a difference in your community and our country. Follow this link for Resources and learn more, get active, be safe, and help one another.

Paying for tuition, support, tipping, how to

 Our Square store is easiest if you prefer to pay by credit card. (please note that a 3.5% transaction fee is charged) Please note that there is now a tip option on our square store. This is completely voluntary and an option if you’d like to provide extra support.

We also have a donation option on the square store now if you are interested in making a separate contribution. The contributions help us pay for our Studio lease and the additional expenses in bringing your online content. Please let me know if you have any questions and know that no amount is too small and any amount is completely voluntary and deeply appreciated.

 Other ways to pay:

You are welcome to use one of the following free apps.
All you need is my phone 206-321-0613 or email:
The money comes directly into my account without a transaction fee on either side.

Check: feel free to mail a check to:
Viola Brumbaugh, 1311 12th Ave S B201, Seattle WA 98144

And lastly, other support you can offer:
We have a Patreon account set up if you’d like to make a monthly contribution. You can choose any amount and set yourself up for auto-payment, and cancel it at any time. 
Become a Patron!  


Private Lessons!

In order to deepen your practice, sometimes you need a closer look at your practice. I am now offering private lessons in person outside following safety guidelines as well as online via Zoom. I’ve set up a calendar where you can find a time and book a lesson based on what’s available. Check it out here:

book a lesson here!

Eventually we will meet again and share practice in person again whether in the Studio, Burien, South Seattle College, West Seattle, or Costa Rica.

In the meantime, I welcome you to my living room/dining room in a space where no matter how far apart we are, we can be together. I’ve struggled to feel a connection in this new platform, so I always appreciate seeing you, hearing your voice, getting your thumbs-up 👍 , and questions when you’re not clear.

So in that regard, I ask you to please help me improve and know what is working and where you’d like to see this going by linking here and doing this short survey.



Rage & Gratitude — the Yin and Yang of our time

I find it hard to articulate the range of emotions and thoughts I have regarding this time we are living in. There is a spectrum that is very yin and yang and reminds me that, like our practice, it helps to work my way back to the middle where there is balance. I find relief from my anguish over all the loss of life from the joy of baking and the magic of nature.

I am full of grief and rage for the loss of Black lives and the systemic racism, violence & oppression in our country and yet I am hopeful about the future and the beauty of the protests and art being created, the conversations being had, the eyes and hearts beginning to open. 

I hope that you too are finding balance. Let your rage fuel your action for positive change and look to gratitude for healing. I say this to you and to myself. 

I am ever grateful to be joined by you and am honored to share this practice. Thank you for what you’ve taught me this last quarter in all the feedback and participation in classes.

Patience, peace & practice,